Amco Water Meters
History, Quality and Reviews

When it comes to Amco water meters, their residential, commercial and sub metering products are well liked in all corners of the world.

The main office for Amco is located in Ocala, Florida and supporting departments are located worldwide.

This company is a subsidiary of the parent company Elster, which has certainly emerged as one of the top metering companies worldwide.

With a sales contact in every state in U.S.A. as well as representatives in Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean, they will help you choose the meters that will satisfy your needs.

This company takes pride in all its products especially their sub metering products.

If you browse their impressive line of water flow meters, you will find numerous selections that will meet your needs whether you are focusing on accuracy or on generating revenue.

Below are a couple of Elster Amco meters that are quite popular with the public:

Types Of Amco Water Meters

Amco Residential Meters

They are offered in sizes ranging from 5/8" to 2".

The two main types offered are the M700 multi-jet and the C700 positive displacement.

For less noise and long lasting meters, Elster uses nylon material for some parts of the meter to prevent wear and tear.

Amco Commercial Meters

These include the turbine and compound meters.

The turbine meters are available from sizes ranging from 1 1/2" to 8".

With the focus on longevity, these meters were designed with a clear passage of any particles so that the meters won't be blocked and then get damaged.

Amco Electronic Water Meter

These high accuracy meters are AC powered or battery operated.

This cost efficient meter has a wide range of flow rates which makes it practically suitable for almost any situation.

For those of you looking for an alternative to the mechanical meter, then try Elster's Electronic Meters.

Elster S130 Single Jet Meter

These meters are offered for cold water and also hot water.

They are also suitable for sub-metering at apartments or housing complexes.

Be sure to check that the S130 specifications satisfy your needs.

Other Products offered by Amco Water Meter Company:

  • AMR/AMI Solutions
  • Fire Service Meter
  • Sub metering Products
  • Hot Water Meter
  • Meter Accessories

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