How to Avoid Scams by Water Meter Manufacturers

On this page you will find out how to avoid scams by water meter manufacturers and Pick up on red flag warnings. Learn the signs that warn you not to do business with a certain manufacturer and learn the right questions to ask water meter manufacturers to avoid scams.

Being scammed can affect your business decisions for life and in the process will cost you thousands of dollars. Let's look at a few situations that are common in scam situations.

Be aware if the following situation occurs :

  • The seller provides contact information for a country that is popular for scams, for example, Nigeria.
  • Is unwilling to provide sufficient company background information or geographical information.
  • Telephone numbers are not what they appear to be. With technology such as VOIP, phone number locations are easily faked. Nowadays, a scammer can live in one country and have a number in a next area code. It’s so hard to tell the difference.
  • Not all membership certifications or TrustPasses are actually valid. It’s not difficult to get these “seal of approval” from these internet wholesalers. Most times it only takes a few hundred dollars a year (or cheaper).
  • If the seller offers to pay for shipping be cautious, especially if you are buying from an international country. Ask yourself, “Why would this supplier be willing to pay hundreds of dollars for shipping?”
  • Sometimes they try and rush the sale or demand that you make a purchase soon or they will cancel the deal.
  • If the seller refuses to accept a credit card or Paypal be cautious. For the most part, Paypal and credit card transaction can be traced, whereas wire transfers are permanent and irreversible. But DON’T limite youself to this belief because a significant water meter transaction is usually paid for through wire transfer.
  • If you think that you are being overcome by greed, STOP and analyze the situation. Always pay due diligence before making a purchase.

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