Hersey Water Meter
Top of the Class?

Hersey Water Meter Inc has become a name brand product in the water meter industry. They offer a variety of water flow meters and accessories.

Founded in 1859, Hersey Meters was first called Hawes and Hersey and was popular in the manufacturing industry.

At that time, meters were not being produced.Machinery, rotary pumps and bolts were the main items being manufactured..

It was not until 1885 that Hersey Meter Company made its first water meter.

Hersey Meter’s main office is located in North Carolina and has sales representatives all over America.

In 1999, Hersey Water Meter Inc was restructured as a subsidiary of Mueller Products Inc.

Mueller Product Inc employees over 6,000 employees and has annual sales surpassing one billion American dollars.

Muller Incorporation brings expertise and a solid foundation to Hersey water meter, which has led to the production of superb water meters.

Hersey meter products include Positive Displacement, Vertical Turbine, Horizontal Turbine and Compound.

Interestingly, Hersey has both a horizontal and a vertical turbine meter.

Hersey Water Meter Reviews

Hersey Positive Displacement Meters- ranges in sizes from 5/8" to 2" and is available in two main series: 400 series and 500 series.

Hersey has the advantage of being able to customize the meter to fit your needs.

Registers for the meter is available in analog or digital format.

Hersey Vertical Turbine Meters- is very accurate at low flow rates and it can be used in place of a compound meter in certain circumstances.

Hersey Horizontal Turbine Meters- available in sizes ranging from 1 1/2" to 10".

This meter is very accurate at low and high flow rates. And this is because of its drop in measuring element (D.I.M.E) feature.

Hersey Compound Water Meter- Hersey Model MCT II Water Meters has a positive displacement measuring chamber, a turbine type measuring chamber and an automatic control valve to regulate flow between the two chambers.

The sealed register prevents anyone from tampering with the meter.

Other Hersey products

Besides the main products listed above, Heresy Meters manufactures the following:

  • Fire Meters
  • Automatic Reading Equipment
  • Detector Checks