Multijet Hot Water Meter

The Multijet hot water meter is the most popular type of hot water meter in the market. These multijet meters generally flow in one direction only..

The meter is excellent for use of hot water with temperatures up to 195 F and working pressure up to 150 psi.

The meters are very lightweight and are available in sizes ranging from 5/8” to 2”.

The size that you will need will be based on the flow rate that is required.

These hot water flow meters are primarily for residential and commercial purposes.

The typical small family will require the 5/8” and ¾” sizes, while commercial establishments that require a higher flow rate will use sizes 1” to 2”

By far, the most popular certification body for multi-jet hot water meters is the A.W.W.A. Certification. Your water meter must meet or exceed A.W.W.A. C708 standards, in addition to the standard outlined by your jurisdiction.

Depending on the water meter manufacturer, the water meters may or may not come with couplings. If not, these can be bought at an additional price.

Currently, the top brands in the market are Performance, Amco, and Carlon. Any of these are generally a good choice for a reliable operation of a multijet hot water meter.

How Does A Hot Water Multijet Meter Works?

The way a multijet meter for hot water operates is just amazing.

The water flows into the measuring chamber through the meter’s strainer. The flow of water drives the meter’s impeller.

The motion of the impeller is transmitted to the airtight register by a magnet located inside the chamber.

The total water usage is then translated to the register for reading.

The material used to build a multi-jet hot water meter are very durable. They are able to withstand temperatures up to 194 degrees. Only this type of water meter will actually produce and accurate reading under these "hot" situations.

Best Rated Multijet Hot Water Meters

Performance Econo II Hot Water Meters (PMH01)

Performance meter’s Econo two size 5/8” water meter is one of the most well known models around. With a high flow rate of 20 U.S.G.P.M. and a low flow rate at 10 U.S.G.P.M., it has become very popular in residential establishments.

The brass main case and the synthetic polymer measuring chamber makes it one of the industry’s most durable products. Not to mention, the registers are available in both electronic and direct reading.

Performance Econo II Hot Water Meters have been tested and comply with AWWA C708, ISO 4064, and GB/T19001-ISO9000 performance standards.

Elster Amco M150 Hot Water Meter

The Elster Amco M150, otherwise called KMM, is the best of five models of hot water meters that they offer.

Unlike its competitors in the market, the M150 is not red in colour.

M150 is offered in two sizes: 1’ and 1 ½’. Both meters are known for operating at superb temperatures of 195 degrees and 150 psi.

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