Performance High Pressure Water Meters (PMFP)

Suitable for your High Pressure Situations

Performance High Pressure Water Meters should be considered when you are looking for water meters to accurately measure high pressure.

Performance High Pressure meters are available in the following sizes:

  • ¾” (DN 20mm)
  • 1” (DN 25mm)
  • 1 1/2” (DN40mm)
  • 2” (DN 50mm)

Primarily used for situations requiring the measurement of high working pressure, PMFP is capable of measuring up to two (2) times the amount of pressure as the PMN and the PM; in other words, up to 300 PSI and 600 PSI intermittent.

PMFP consist of four major components: measuring chamber, sealed register, main case, and high pressure stainless steel bottom plate.

Similarly to the PMN and the PM, Performance Meter Inc uses the same durable synthetic polymer and super unleaded brass alloy to construct the measuring chamber and the main case respectively.

The ¾” short or the PMFP03 has an amazing maximum flow rate of 50 USGPM and a low flow of ½ USGPM.

One of the best feature of the Performance High Pressure Meters is that it has a stainless steel bottom plate has six bolts for added protection of the meterd for withstanding extremely high pressures.

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