Performance Turbine Hot Water Meter (PMTH)

The Performance Turbine hot Water Meter is extremely popular in large application settings.

These Performance Turbine meters are for use in applications that the smaller Performance Multi-jet Hot Water flow meter is unable to measure accurately.

You will find that the Performance Turbine Hot Water Meter is available in sizes ranging from two inches to eight inches. All the parts for Performance turbine meters are built with durability in mind, especially the rotor.

In order to reduce the chance of damage to the rotor as well as the frequency in which it must be removed for inspection, it is recommended that you install a separate strainer upstream from the turbine meter. The three (3) basic components that complete the Performance Turbine hot water meter are Cast Iron Epoxy Coated main case, measuring element, and sealed register.

The measuring element assembly consist of a vane, shaft and rotor assembly that assist in eliminating the need for calibration change gears.

If you have any doubts about Performance Hot Water Turbine Meters, all their turbine meters have been tested and adhere to A.W.W.A. C701 Class II performance standards.

There is no need to source Companion flanges for installation of meters as they offer various pipe types and sizes that are available in Bronze or cast iron.

So How Does the Performance Hot Water Turbine Meter Work?

The water enters the water meter and flows through the turbine section of the water meter. This water flow results in the rotor spinning to the quantity of water passing through the meter.

The movement of rotor is communicated by the drive magnet which can be found inside the tightly sealed register.

All rotations are translated by a gear train which converts the rotations into numbers.

The rotor assembly and the vertical shaft are the only two moving parts inside the meter.

The Most Popular Turbine Hot Water Flow Meter Models

Performance offers five models:

  • PMTH02 – SIZE 2”
  • PMTH03- SIZE 3”
  • PMTH04- SIZE 4”
  • PMTH06- SIZE 6”
  • PMTH08- SIZE 8”

The choice of hot water flow meter model will be based on projected flow rate, accuracy, pressure drop and other factors. Always consult your local water supplier as well as the meter manufacturer.

Now let’s take a look at the specifications for the two most popular models:

PMTH02 (Size 2")

  • Flow Rate Maximum Intermittent (USGPM)- 400
  • Maximum Continuous (USGPM)- 200
  • Low Flow Rate (USGPM)- 2
  • Start-Up Flow Rate (USGPM)- 7/8
  • Head Loss @ Maximum Intermittent Flow Rate (P.S.I.)- 6
  • Maximum Working Pressure (P.S.I.)- 160
  • Maximum Temperature (Deg. F)- 194
  • Length (Inches)- 7-7/8”
  • Height (Inches)- 9 ½”
  • Width (Inches)- 7
  • Weight (Pounds)- 24

PMTH08(Size 8")

  • Flow Rate Maximum Intermittent (USGPM)- 3600
  • Maximum Continuous (USGPM)- 2800
  • Low Flow Rate (USGPM)- 20
  • Start-Up Flow Rate (USGPM)- 8
  • Head Loss @ Maximum Intermittent Flow Rate (P.S.I.)- 2.5
  • Maximum Working Pressure (P.S.I.)- 160
  • Maximum Temperature (Deg. F)- 194
  • Length (Inches)- 13- ¾”
  • Height (Inches)- 14- ¼”
  • Width (Inches)- 13- ½”
  • Weight (Pounds)- 126

Do you have any questions about hot turbine water meters by Performance that you would like to ask us?

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