The Best Water Meter
How To Choose The Right One

Choosing the best water meter for your needs can be extremely difficult. Shopping for water meters can be scary enough without knowing in advance about what you're looking for.

The most common models are the multi-jet meters and the positive displacement water meters.

Compound meters are quickly gaining in overall popularity because of the fact that they can measure flows that are usually medium and high but can occasionally be low.

Turbine water meters are generally used for commercial purposes and Hot water meters are designed to measure hot potable water where flow is in one direction only in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Factors to Keep in Mind

But if you’re trying to find the best water meter for your needs, there are a few things to think about:

1. Budget: Be careful not to purchase the wrong type of water meter. With water meters ranging in price between $40 and $500 and beyond, there is a lot of room for error.

That said, you should consider the best type of water meter that you will need. Buy one that will stand the test of time and one that will be durable enough to withstand outside elements.

o TIP: Consider buying a water meter with a great warranty. Water meter repairs can be quite costly as well as a huge inconvenience.

2. Brand: There are a number of great trustworthy and reliable water meter brands on the market nowadays.

Keep in mind what “after sales services” each brand offers to make sure you find the best meter for your needs. For some help on this, be sure to review our popular water meter brands page.

Also be sure that the brand you choose has high reliability and customer satisfaction ratings. This will help avoid any anxiety or regret you might feel after you make your purchase.

3. Usage: Think about how much water you need to measure and the required flow rate.

Choosing the wrong type of meter will lead to incorrect readings which leads to loss in revenue, over billing or under billing.

4. References: Nothing speaks better about the attributes of a brand than those people who own one already.

Ask your friends and business associates about what they have and whether or not they’re happy with their purchase. You might find that what they have to say will be quite useful.

5. Survey: Visiting this website has been a good part of research, but take it beyond the web if need be. Look around and get a feel for what’s out there.

You will want to see your water meter first hand to make sure that it suits your needs, your tastes and your satisfaction before you make your purchase.

You also might find that after a bit of hands on investigation, you find the best water meter right here on the web!

Other Factors to Consider to Ensure You Find the Best Water Meter

Water meters are available in such a wide variety of types and models, how do you know which is the best water meter for your needs?

Most water meters need a limited amount of servicing and it really comes down to your needs and budget requirements when making your final decision.

But there are a few brands that offer a wider variety of features and model styles as well as reliability.

Performance meters and Neptune meters are consistently high in consumer satisfaction surveys. Sensus does quite well, but is often out of most people’s price range. Amco, Badger and carlon also get high marks, but the Master brand is rising up the ratings rapidly and may be a brand to consider as well.

Performance Meter Inc has been adding a wide variety of highly desirable features to its products over the years and its reliability ratings have consistently been steering upwards.

Be sure that whichever unit you choose that it is extremely accurate and preferably has met or exceed A.W.W.A. and I.S.O.

As well, be sure that whatever spare parts might be necessary are reasonably priced and easily accessible either via the internet or in a retail store.

Lastly, be sure to check the warranty that is offered by the manufacturer. Find a water meter with the best warranty you can.

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