Compound Water Meter
Accurate at Both High and Low Flow Rates

A Compound Water Meter is the perfect solution to measuring high and low flow rates.

These are water velocity meters that are typically used when the water flow rate varies or fluctuates on a wide scale.

This meter is used to measure cold water with flow in one direction with a high degree of accuracy.

Compound Meters consist of three main parts: a turbine meter or measuring chamber, a multi-jet or positive displacement meter or measuring chamber, and a check valve.

The turbine meter is used to measure high flow rates and the smaller meter, a multi-jet or P.P.D. Meter, is used to measure lower flow rates.

You will find that compound meters are commonly used at schools, factories, hotels, motels, apartment complexes, department stores, shopping malls and office buildings.

The flow rates for these establishments vary and so they require very accurate readings for water conservation purposes and to save money.

Meter sizes typically range from 2" to 8"; however, you may find that some companies manufacture meters up to 20" on special request.

For your safety and the safety of your surroundings, all compound meters should comply with A.W.W.A. C702 standards as well as the standards set out in your jurisdiction.

These meters are designed to last very long and are for the most part maintenance free, so you don’t have to worry about paying more money to change meter parts.

Advantages Of Compound Meters

  1. It is more accurate than a turbine meter measuring low flow rates, so you will earn more revenue and conserve more water.
  2. It is able to measure both low and high flow rates. This reduces the chance of under billing or over billing the customer and losing future earnings.
  3. An internal strainer is located inside the meter to protect the meter from outside material.Some manufactures require an external strainer as well.

Best Compound Water Meters

Looking for the best compound water meters? Then check out brands such as Performance Meter, Hersey Meter, Badger Meter, Neptune Meter and others.

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