Due Diligence on Water Meter Manufacturers

It is always important to conduct due diligence on water meter manufacturers that you are considering. The little time and small costs that you spend on researching your manufacturer will be well worth it in the long run.

There are three basic quality levels of water meters:

  • Low quality water meters - these manufacturers compete on cost not quality (mainly Chinese companies).
  • Middle quality water meters- mainly used for less affluent export markets
  • High quality meters, international standard products exported mainly to U.S.A.

Even though it costs the most, it is best to deal with the manufacturers with high quality products . When dealing with a manufacturer, ensure that you are personally dealing with the factory’s suppliers and sub- contractors.

Always ask for client references . Don’t be too shy! You never know, maybe you will come across a familiar company. Not all manufactures will give you client names, but if they don’t, you have reason to second guess them.

You need to make sure you are dealing with the latter, including the factory's suppliers and sub-contractors. Ask for reputable client references , but don't be surprised if none are forthcoming.

If you can, go to the factory and get a personal tour for yourself.

Many times manufacturers can appear very impressive on the surface, but the quality of their products is sub standard.

For general information on doing due diligence on water meter manufacturers, see How To Avoid Scams by water meter manufacturers.

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