History of the Water Meter Box

To know the history of the water meter box is very important.The meter box has come a long way in style, shape, color and purpose.

The first meter boxes, rectangular concrete / cast iron meter boxes, were used to protect water meters from cold temperatures because the weather affected the meter's accuracy. These meters were primarily residential meters but then the demand came for boxes for larger size water meters.

Oval Water Meter Box

Eventually, meters were constructed in additional shapes such as circular and oval shapes. Everyone liked the idea of a meter box but wanted them to be more attractive. Then came meter boxes in different colors, and each color had their respective meaning.

A major problem was that the cast iron meter boxes were extremely heavy. In addition, Shipping costs were exuberant and so the overall costs to buy meter boxes proved to be too costly.

Then came the introduction of plastic meter boxes. The idea was welcomed because shipping cost would virtually be next to nothing; however, there was a concern of the durability of the plastic to be used in the manufacturing process. Research began and nylon and polyethylene were the main choices for most manufactures.

The material was just as strong as cast iron but had the advantage of being cheaper, more attractive, and easier to install.

Today, meter boxes are designed with the ability to accommodate the latest technologies in the metering industry such as Hand held Remote Readers and Automatic Meter Reading Systems ( A.M.R.). Removable water meter box covers work well with Hand held Remote Readers, while the material of the box does not affect accuracy the A.M.R. technology.

So now you understand the importance of the history of the water meter box

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