Hot Water Flow Meters
A Complete Guide To The Best Hot Water Flow Meters

Hot water flow meters have become one of the most popular types of velocity meters in recent times.

They are mainly used to measure the flow of consistent hot water of degrees up to 194 degrees F. Some meters are even able to withstand temperatures for up to 250 degrees F.

The meters are constructed with similar great quality and features as cold water meters; however, they are able to withstand higher temperatures because they are built with stronger material than your typical cold water meter.

The material is stronger because the consistent flow of extremely hot water would damage the cold water meter and that would result in inaccurate readings and other water meter problems.

Meters for hot water usage are measured in cubic feet, cubic meters or gallons, making it convenient to read in the required measurement.

You will realize that most meters for hot water carry a bright red main case and a brass register or the entire meter in red.

Personally, we like this characteristic because it makes them very easy to identify.

Hot water meters are available in variety of sizes, features and prices making them ideal for any situation that requires hot water.

How long the water meters will last depends on the type and size of the meters; for instance, most last anywhere from 5 to 15 years. But you must ensure that you follow the manufacturer's recommendations when installing your hot water meter.

When you are buying hot water meters, always remember that there are two main types: multi-jet hot water meters and Turbine hot water meters.

Types of Hot Water Meters

There are two main types of hot water meters: Multi-jet Hot Water Meter and Turbine Hot Water Meter.

Multi-jet Hot water Flow Meter Systems

Multi-jet hot water flow meters are primarily used for residential settings such as two bedroom houses, apartments and complexes.

The size of Multi-jet hot water meters range in size from 1/2" to 2", so they may also be used in a few commercial settings such as offices, stores and other businesses.

Installation takes about thirty (30) minutes and should be done by a professional.

Read more if you want to know how to choose the best multi-jet hot water meter .

Hot Water Turbine Meters

If you want a hot water meter for any large establishment such as a restaurant, a school or a hospital, then you should consider a turbine hot water meter.

Unlike a multi-jet hot water meter, turbine hot water meters are able to withstand a greater water flow and higher temperature water.

On the market, you will find turbine hot water meters from 2 inches to 8 inches. If you want a bigger size meter such as 10 inches or even 20 inches, you will have to request it from any water meter manufacture that produces hot water meters.

Choosing The Best Hot Water Flow Meter

Similarly to buying any home appliance, when buying hot water meters there are several factors to look for so that you will buy the best hot water meter for your money.

These factors include specifications, standards, certifications, accuracy and price.

Specifications- Ensure that the meter you choose is the correct size and type that you need. There is a big difference in flow rates and accuracy between a 1/2" and a 1" water meter.

Standards and Certifications- Is the water meter certified? In today's world, certification is everything. The most popular certification is awarded by A.W.W.A.

Accuracy- In the past, too many water meters had the problem of accuracy. Accuracy is just as important for a hot water meter as is for a cold water meter

Price- A 1/2" meter for hot water can cost as little as $30 whereas an eight inch meter will cost as much as $300.

Overall, the most important factor is the meter's specifications.

The most popular hot water meter companies are Performance Meter, Carlon Meter, Elster Amco Meter and Master Meter.

Do you have any questions about hot water meters? Or perhaps you want to share a review on a hot water meter? Please share your thoughts with us.

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