How to Open A Water Meter Box

Learn how to open a water meter box, when you need to read your water meter or check for water meter leak. You must know how to open your meter box without damaging the water meter. Follow these simple steps to open your water meter box

  1. Locate the water meter box. It is usually located at the front of the house or close to the curb.

  2. Meter Box Key

    plastic water meter box

  3. If the meter box requires a key to open it, place the key in the key hole that is located at the top of the meter box. Then you insert the key and turn it anti- clock wise

    Now if there is no key, you will need a screwdriver or something similar in length and width. Use the object to open the box by inserting at least half inch of your tool inside the hole located at the top of the meter box.

    meter in water meter box

  4. Gradually lift the meter box cover until it is open.

  5. To close the meter box you must turn the key clockwise.
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