How to Read a Water Meter
Learn How To Read Your Water Meter And Why It Is Important

Learning how to read a water meter is very important.

Most water companies encourage their customers to read their water meters.

Reading a water meter will inform you of the volume of water you use on the weekdays, weekends or for the month.

You may also want to check for leaks or simply find ways to conserve water. For whatever reason you may choose, reading your water meter is very important.

Before you attempt to read your water meter, you need to locate your water meter.

Locate Your Water Meter

Locating your water meter is the first step in reading your water meter.

There are two main types of settings for water meters:

Residential: The water meter is usually located at the front of the house or close to the street.

Sometimes the meter is protected by a water meter box. In some rare cases, such as extremely cold climates, your water meter may be located in your basement.

Commercial: Most times located at the front of the property; however, it may also be found at the side or the back of the property.

In some rare cases, the meter may also be found underground locked in a vault. In this last case please call your water utility company to assist you.

In most cases, outside meters are usually easily identified because they are protected by a water meter box or inside a meter pit with a cast iron lid.

Before attempting to remove the lid of the water meter box, please ensure that the area where the meter is located is free from harmful insects or dangerous objects.

The cover of the meter box can be removed by a specially built key or a simple screwdriver.

Reading A Water Meter

Now that we have found the water meter, we can now read it.

There are two main types of water meter register faces: The first is the straight line reading meter, which is similar to a clock, and the other type of register face is the round reading meter.

Most round reading meters are designed with approximately six small dials in them. The straight line meter is by far the most popular because they are easier to read.

                  How to Read a Straight-Reading Meter

The straight line reading water meter resembles the odometer of a car. It got its name straight line reading because of how easy it is to read your water meter

How to Read a Round-Reading Meter

The register face of a round reading water meter can seem confusing to read. After all, you have six (6) small dials inside a large dial. Click this link for information on how to read a round reading water meter.

Read Your Water Meter To Check For Water Meter Leaks

Finding a water meter leak is just as important as fixing one.

Water meter leaks not only waste valuable water but they cost a lot to repair, loss revenue for water companies and defeats the purpose of water conservation plans…read more

So now that you know how to read a water meter, you can check for meter leaks and find new ways to conserve your water usage.

Don't just stop there! Next time a friend asks you " Do you know how to read a water meter?", be the first to show them.

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