Master Meter Water Meter

Master Meter Water Meter is one of the most technologically advanced in the metering industry. Learn about the history of the company and a few of the products that Master Meter Inc offers.

When it comes to 3G technology for water meters, Master meter flow meters are right at the top.

They manufacture some of the most highly developed meters and supporting systems on the market that increases the accuracy of water meters and reduces costs for utility companies.

Even though Master Meter Inc has a wide variety of water meters, all of their water systems are available online. In fact, existing customers can log unto their website and download product manuals and also download the latest product software.

Software training is offered for all products before and after you purchase any Master Meter Water Meter.

Over the years, the team has become more environmentally aware; with quite a few of their meters being made with environ brass.

With certifications from American Water Works Association, National Rural Water Association and N.S.F., this company's brand name is known worldwide for their high standards.

Master water meter is also known for its extended warranty on all water meter products. In fact, they have one of the most reasonable warranty agreements in terms of damages and problems.

With a diversity of products, this is one of the few companies with a bottom load and top load multi-jet meters that are precise.

History of Master Meter Water Meter

Master Meter was formed in the early 1980's from a company known as Aqua Utilities.

In the mid 1980's, Master Meter showcased their turbine water meters to the world. Shortly after, they launched their line of fire hydrant meters.

In the 1990's, they began to spend a lot more money on research and development and that led to the rapid growth of the company, especially with their DIALOG 2G system and most recently their 3G technology.

The 1990's also saw the company relocating to Texas and the development of their manufacturing plant.

Over the last 10 years, the company has improved on its products specifically with their multi-jet, positive displacement, turbine, compound meters and their AMR systems.

Which Master Meter Water Meter Should You Buy?

Master Meter Multi-jet meters

They offer a variety of this category Master meter water meter including hot water meters, bottom load meters, intermediate meters and flexible axis meters.

The multijet meters are compatible with all residential and some commercial establishments because the size of these meters range from 5/8" to 2".

All Master Meter's multi-jet meters are A.W.W.A. certified and were built with longevity and durability in mind.

Master Meter Positive Displacement Meters

With a head loss as low as 6.5 PSI at 20GPM, quiet operation and a leak detector, Master Meter has developed the perfect meter to complement its multi-jet line of water meters.

Presently, they manufacture positive displacement meters from 5/8" up to 2".

Master Meter Compound Meters

This meter is a combination of a multi-jet meter and a turbine meter that provides very good accuracy for low and high flow rates.

Currently available in sizes from 2" to 6", they are able to measure flow rates as low as 1/4 GPM for the 2 inch meter and maximum flow of 1700 GPM.

The 3 inch compound meter weighs approximately 66 pounds and the 6 inch compound meter weighs 142 pounds.

Master Meter Turbine Water Meters

There are two main series of turbine water meters: the WT Turbine Series and the MMT Turbine Series.

The MMT series are available in sizes from 2" to 8", while the WT series are available from 2" to 12".

The MMT series is 3G compatible and uses cost effective epoxy-coated cast iron main case for endurance, maximum performance and durability.

The WT series is also made of cast iron epoxy coat and the meter is about 70 percent of the length of most industry turbine meters.

This shorter length makes the installation process easier and does not take away from the overall performance of the meter.

Other Master Meter Products

  • Automatic Meter Reading Systems - Master Meter Inc currently offers two automatic reading systems and over 5 automatic reading components to match your style and needs.
  • FixedLinx- The fixedlinx devices basically allows you to do more with your AMI system such as conserve, monitor and network.
  • Accessories and Parts- All parts and accessories can be found online on their website Master meter Inc
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