Neptune Water Meters
Leading The Way In Meter Technology

Neptune water meters are some of the most technologically advanced water meters on the market.

Even though the first Neptune water meter was introduced over 115 years ago, their meters remain one of the top three (3) water meters on the market.

Neptune meters are popular for many reasons including customer service, technology, accuracy and quality.

To understand the technology Neptune uses, you must first understand their history.

Brief History Of Neptune Water Meters

Neptune was first introduced to the world in 1892.

In fact, if you search for information pertaining to Neptune meters, you will find that the company has a history of over 115 years.

Today, the company has grown significantly and is known worldwide for their technologically advanced water meters.

They have three main offices located in America, Canada and Mexico and several hundred dealers all over the world including the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.

Regarded as one of the leaders in the metering industry, Neptune introduced its first Automatic Reading and Billing (A.R.B.) solution in 1964.

With continuous research and development, Neptune is well respected for manufacturing quality and accurate water meter.

In a society where accurate meters are more important than prices, Neptune seems to have delivered problem free meters that will increase revenue and reduce water meter problems.

Why Is Neptune Rated Among The Best?

Neptune is often debated as one of the best water meters on the market. Here are a few reasons why.

All the meters are Automatic Meter Reader capable to improve accuracy and performance standards for consumers.

Neptune was one of the first brands to supply automatic meter readers on the market.

An automatic meter reader (A.M.R.) makes reading any water meter easier. The system reduces costs and man power. All Neptune water meters are A.M.R. compatible.

Neptune sells their meters across a variation of prices, so you can purchase the cheaper models or the more expensive ones.

They are known for offering affordable water meters on the market. Yes their prices are competitive but their water meter systems are worth the price.

With this company you never feel alone when making buying decisions because they have one of the best and most reliable support departments in the metering industry.

Chances are a Neptune dealer is located within a few miles of you. Their dealers are all experienced in the field and always willing to correct any problem or assist with any question that you have.

Worried about quality? All Neptune meters meet or exceed A.W.W.A. standards and ANSI/NSF 61 Certifications. ANSI/NSF 61 certification states that all products should be properly sealed and the material used should not affect the water quality of the water.

Neptune Water Meter Reviews

Neptune T-10 Water Meters

Neptune T-10 water meter is their most popular type of water meter that is mostly used at your typical homes.

They are lightweight and tightly sealed which improves the accuracy of the water meter.

With the sizes of these meters range from 5/8" to 2", they are appropriate for most flow rates requirements. Whether you live in an apartment or a three (3) bedroom house, Neptune offers a water meter that will meet your water flow requirements.

Besides the regular water meters, Neptune also offer back flow water meters that are used with non potable water.

As mentioned before, all Neptune T-10 water meters meet or exceed the standard set out by the A.W.W.A. C700.

Neptune Turbine Meters

Neptune designed these meters to satisfy anyone looking for moderate to high flow meters.

They range in size from 12 inches to 20 inches; in fact, this is one of the few companies that offer 20" turbine water meters.

The tightly sealed register prevents tampering, leaks or any other water meter problems.

One of our favourite features is the glass lens on the register that makes reading the meter much easier.

The polyurethane material prevents corrosion of the internal material.

Neptune Compound Meters

If you are looking for a compound water meter for applications such as apartment buildings, hotels or hospitals, then you should consider Neptune TRU/FLO Compound Meters.

Neptune compound water meters meet or exceed A.W.W.A. C702 standards.

These meters are designed to accurately low flow rates and high flow rates

Made with copper alloy, these compound meters are corrosion free and will maintain their "glowing appearance"

Neptune High Performance Fire Service Meter

With these water meters, you will be able to measure both fire service and domestic water usage through a single water line.

With a Neptune water meter, you will be able to monitor and measure a wide range of water flow rates.

In addition, Neptune's fire service meters all meet or exceed A.W.W.A. C703 standards.

Neptune Fire Hydrant Meter

It is designed for fire hydrants and is capable of measuring a wide flow range.

In fact, Neptune has developed a one of a kind product that is mobile compatible and can be attached to almost every fire hydrant.

The Fire Hydrant meters are available as a 3" meter. For larger sizes you will have to contact customer service.

Overall, any Neptune meter is a good choice. Just ensure that you consult any one of their dealers before you make your final decision.

If you need additional information on any Neptune meter, you can visit our question and answer section.

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