Rapidly Spinning Water Meter Dials

by Deborah Lovelock
(Broadbeach QLD Australia)

Could the Air Valve Problem be the answer to our erratic and massive and water meter readings?

Early in the morning 5am, we witnessed the dials spinning so rapidly a reading could not be obtained to fill a 9 litre bucket, with water just dribbling from the tap. Probably read approx 60 litres to fill the bucket.

There are definitely No leaks, no-one else in/at the building at the time of testing.

It is a commercial building, 2 tenants - a tyre and car repairer and a retail supplier of paint.

There are 2 toilets and kitchen sink in each unit:

• Total of 4 Toilets and 2 Kitchen sinks.
• One outside tap.
• A fire hose reel.

Same tenants for 10 years (tyres) and 7 years (paint).

At the time we witnessed the rapidly spinning dials the meter was reading approx 1,300 litres per day, over the week of investigating this gradually dropped from 1,000 down to 300 litres per day approximately.

We were doing a test due investigating a massive water bill.

Charge of water had been gradually introduced and increased during the last 5 years which bought attention to the massive readings.

The meter was just over 10 year old and we advised council what we witnessed. They advised that the meter be tested so we paid for the testing.

Shortly afterwards the meter was replaced.

New Meter consumption readings are now normal with approximately 200 litres per day. The same Tenants doing the same things, only the meter has been changed.

The Council report says the faulty meter tested accurately. The test was conducted for approx 6 minutes.

We asked how it could be that we witnessed the rapidly spinning dials and no answer has been given. Only that the meter tested accurately.

After obtaining a full 10 years record of the water meter readings from council we could clearly see the erratic readings since the day it was installed.

I have made an Excel spreadsheet of the Readings to clearly show how erratic. This can be supplied if required.

We know how to read meters, having 15 years experience of reading meters previously owning a caravan park. We know what we witnessed.

The Meter had 3 visible dials 10th, 1 litre, 100 litres and a Large Dot covering the 10 litre dial which could not be read.

We witnessed the 10th and 1 litre dials spinning rapidly while testing to fill a bucket of 9 litres. Impossible to get a reading possibly 60 litres recorded to fill the bucket.

The council could not explain the large dot. Another Council gave us an explanation.

I have attached a Photo of an exact same meter (from another property). The property is located at the bottom of a gradual rise in ground level of the street.

Council replaced approx 4 other meters at the same time but the others we not 10 year old, much younger. Why the council did this is also unanswered.

It is a commercial area and not domestic area.
Our property was the first constructed at the bottom the street with another older property at the higher top end, when this meter was installed.

The Meter Details:-

• Manufacturer: Reliance Manufacturing Company
• Serial Number: R98010672
• Meter Size: 25
• Meter Type: Inferential
• Meter Orientation Tested: Horizontal
• Meter Reading at time of test: 3626.473.75

We would appreciate your information as to what caused the massive erratic readings and the rapidly spinning dials we witnessed.

Thank You.

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