Round Reading Water Meter

Old Fashioned But Still Important

The round reading water meter is a lot simpler to read than it appears to be. It usually has six (6)small dials inside the main dial and so you may not be sure where to start. By learning how to read your meter you can check for leaks and conserve water. Don’t worry; you will be finished in less than 10 seconds.

The first thing to do is locate your water meter. After you locate your water meter, then all the excitement begins. Do you feel it?. Let's go!

Round Reading Water Meter -1

Figure 1. Round Reading Meter
This is the most popular type of the round reading water meter. To read these meters do the following:

  • Starting with the “100,000” dial at the upper left. Write down the number that the needle shows. (Remember that when the dial is anywhere between two numbers, record the lower number).

  • Then continue reading the meter by reading each dial in clockwise direction going around to the “10” dial. Don’t record the “one foot” dial shown at the lower left hand corner because this dial just indicates that the meter is working and is used by utility companies for testing purposes.

  • So after you record each dial, you will have a reading of 80632 cubic feet. If you use sixteen (16) more units by the next time you read your meter, the reading would be 80648.

  • Remember that if you are charged on 100 units of cubic feet then your charge would be 806.


Figure 2. Round Reading Water Meter
To read this second type of round water meter do the following:

  • Start reading from the “100,000” dial that is to the lower left hand corner (please remember that if the dial hand is between two numbers then record the lower number).

  • The reading for the “100,000” dial is 9. To get the a complete reading, read each dial in a clockwise direction.

  • The “10,000” dial is 8, the “1000” dial is 4 and so on.

  • Please disregard the “unnumbered dial”

  • The meter would read as follows 98,489, and it is in cubic feet.

  • Sometimes utility companies may charge you based on units of 100 cubic feet. In that case, the reading would be 984.


1 cubic foot = 7.48051948 US gallons

1 US gallon = 0.133680556 cubic feet

1 cubic feet = 0.028316 m³

So now that you know how to read your round water meters, it will assist you in finding any leaks and you can also compare your readings with your water utility company.

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