Straight Reading Water Meter
Easy to Read

The straight reading water meter is simple to read and makes the process of checking for leaks and conserving water easy

.The straight reading water meter resembles the odometer of a car. It got its name straight line reading because of how easy it is to read.

Over the past 20 years, the straight line water meter has become more popular than the Round Reading Water Meter because it is so easy to read. Let us now take a look at how to read the straight line reading water meter.

  1. The first step is to locate your water meter. Your water meter is usually protected by a water meter box.

    The meter box is usually located at the front of your house, close to your main outside faucet or close to the curb on the street.

  2. After you have found your water meter box, open the water meter box with the meter box key or a simple tool like a screwdriver.

    There you will find your water meter. Then you lift the water meter cover and you should be looking at a meter register face like the one in the diagram below.

3) You must first understand what you are looking at. So lets breakdown the register face of a straight reading water meter:

  • The small blue hand is called a leak detector. It is used to check for Water meter leaks. If all water applications are off and the leak detector is moving, then you should go ahead and check for leaks.
  • The long meter dial with the red tip is used for testing purposes and indicates that the water meter is working.
  • Below the small blue hand it says “cubic feet”. This is the measurement of the meter. Some meters are also measured in gallons or cubic meters. Please pay special attention to the measurement when buying a water meter.
  • The numbers below the “cubic feet” is what is most important to us. This is what we use to find our water usage. In the diagram above the 31 cubic feet represents the total meter usage since installation..
  • Below those numbers you will find the type of water meter. In this case it is Performance Nitro One (1) or their 5/8 x ½’ multi-jet water meter.

Now that we understand our straight line reading water meter, let us find out the water usage for any given month.

Record the number on the meter. In this case the meter measures 31 cubic feet. Remember that a water meter is similar to a car odometer; therefore, whatever numbers that you see on the meter is based from the time of installation.

To understand your charge for the month. Take a reading on the any day of the month and then 30 days later.

The difference is how much water you used for your billing cycle. For example, if on the 15th of March your meter reads 317 cubic feet and then 30 days later (or your billing cycle) your meter reads 385 cubic feet, then you have consumed 68 cubic feet over your last billing cycle.

Always take note of the measurement such as cubic feet, meters or gallons.

The major difference between the round reading water meter and the straight line reading water meter is that the round reading water meter has five or six small dials inside the register face , while the straight line has one or most times none.

So as you can see, the straight reading water meter is quite simple to read and understand.

The only problem you might have is converting measurements such as gallons, meters or feet. To assist with conversion, I have provided the main conversions for you:

cubic feet cubic meters .0283

cubic meters cubic feet 35.3145

gallons (U.S.) liters 3.7853

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