Turbine Hot Water Meter

The Turbine hot water meter is designed for places requiring a constantly high flow and occasionally low flow of hot water, when compared to the smaller multi-jet water meters.

Some of these meters are capable of withstanding hot water with temperatures up to 350 F and working pressure up to 250 PSI.

These hot water meters are mainly found in sizes from 2” to 8”. In some cases, you may find a company selling a meter up to 20 inches. The larger sizes allow for easy flow of water at higher rates for places such as commercial and industrial services.

For better accuracy and long-term value, turbine hot water meters should be tested and comply with AWWA C701.

The meters should be installed on a pipeline free from foreign materials.

Similarly to the multi-jet meters, it is advised that the turbine meters are installed horizontally or lined up closely to a 45 degree angle with the register facing up to allow for a better accurate reading.

Most manufactures recommend the use of a strainer upstream from the turbine hot water meter . The use of a strainer will reduce the chance of particles that are travelling through the water damaging the rotor as well as the frequency of the meter.

Best Rated Turbine Hot Water Meter

Carlon Turbine Hot Water Meter H600T

Carlon’s turbine water meters are known for their accuracy even at low flow rates. It is a +/- 1.0% when operating between minimum and maximum flow range

The H600T model weighs about 72 pounds and is 11 7/8’ long and weighs more than the PMTH 03. The meter can be mounted horizontal or vertically with inlet port facing the water supply line.

The H600T model is easily identified because the entire meter is red.

What I absolutely love about this meter is that reading the meter is made easy with a register capable of rotating 340 degrees.

Performance Turbine meters (PMTH 03)

The PMTH03 weighs around 32 pounds and is about 9 inches long, withstanding a maximum temperature of 194 degrees and maximum working pressure of 160 P.S.I.

It is one of the most suitable meters for your commercial and industrial activities with a head loss at intermittent flow rate of 110 P.S.I. and a head loss at maximum optimum operating flow rate of 5.0 P.S.I.