Water Meter Box
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Water Meter Box

A water meter box is the best way to protect your water meter. Protecting your water meter is one of the best investments that you can make because most meter boxes are cheap, attractive and durable.

We will now take a look at the several benefits, types and sizes of meter boxes.

Water meter boxes are primarily used to protect the water meter from destruction, theft or wear and tear.

Elements in the environment such as lawnmowers, animals, and bad weather may often time negatively affect water meter accuracy.

It can be very costly to repair a water meter and it is advised that everyone buys a meter box.

Meter boxes are also used to locate your water meter. A meter box makes it easier for water companies and customers to find and read their water meters.

Today, the color of the meter box makes it easier to locate. The two most popular meter boxes are blue and black.

Meter boxes are not limited to blue and black only. Other colors include red, orange, green and purple.

The standard box covers the 5/8 x 1/2" and the 3/4" water meters. These meters are the typical water meters for the household.

However, there are meter box manufactures that make boxes for larger meters such as 1" to 3". In fact, some water meter manufactures can custom build water meter boxes for almost any size of water meter.

This prevents thieves and outsiders from having access to your water meter. Not all meter boxes have meter box keys. Some meter boxes can be opened with a screwdriver or a similar tool.

Evolution of the Meter Box

The meter box cover has come a long way in style, shape, color and purpose.

The first ones, rectangular concrete/cast iron meter boxes, were used to protect water meters from cold temperatures because the weather affected the meter's accuracy.

These meters were primarily residential meters but then the demand came for boxes for larger size water meters.....read more

Types Of Meter Boxes

1. Plastic Water Meter Boxes- have become very popular over the years. The plastic used is extremely strong and durable similarly to the cast iron or concrete meter boxes.

The most popular type of plastic used is polyethylene, which is known for its strength and ability to withstand a tremendous amount of pressure.

Even though the plastic used to make these meter boxes are durable and strong, the meter boxes are extremely lightweight. In addition, the quality of the box prevents damage from sun ray.

These meter boxes are very lightweight and are definitely more attractive to the human eye.

They will cost you anywhere from US$18.00 upwards, so you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money to protect your meter.

2. Cast Iron/ Concrete Water Meter Boxes- these are heavier than the plastic meter boxes but are very durable.

They might not be as lightweight as the plastic meter box but they full fill the purpose of protecting the water meter.

Cast Iron meter boxes are usually manufactured in circles, rectangles and squares.

These meter boxes can be built for larger meters than domestic meters such as size 2" or 4".

Shapes of Water Meter Boxes

Water meter boxes come in different shapes such as oval, circular and rectangular. The most popular of the three is the rectangular even though the oval has become quite popular over the past 5 years.

Rectangular Meter Box- the first shaped meter box. It is still popular in many countries because of its ability to protect larger size meters than the oval or circular shape meter boxes.

Oval Meter Box- has become the most popular of the three main types. Its oval shape fits perfectly around small meters (sizes 15mm to 30mm).

Circular Meter Box- the least popular of the three, it is most common for 15mm and 30mm water meters because it fits perfectly around them. Some manufactures construct circular meter boxes for larger water meter too.

How to Open a Water Meter Box

For you to read your water meter, you must know how to open your meter box without damaging and equipment.

Today, to open a meter box you will need a key. Meter keys were designed to prevent persons from tampering with their water meters.

You turn the key in the keyhole anti-clockwise and pull the lid up.

To close the meter box you place the lid down and turn the key clockwise then remove the key.

How to Install a Water Meter Inside a Meter Box

Installing a water meter inside a meter box is a lot easier than you may think. In fact, the only tool that you will need is a wrench or adjustable to tighten and properly connect the meter box to the water meter.

When installing a water meter inside water meter box, you must first clear the area where the meter box will be.

The pipeline must be flushed from debris.

Benefits of Buying a Meter Box

  1. Protects your water flow meter from destruction by lawn mowers, animals and other outside elements.

  2. Makes the water meter easier to locate, especially when your garden or lawn has bushes over 5 inches tall.

  3. Prevents tampering because a key is often used to lock the meter box, so only the utility company and the owner can pull the meter box.

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