5 Most Common Water Meter Problems

Common water meter problems can become very costly and this is why they should be addressed as quickly as possible or alternatives found.

All pieces of mechanical equipment have their pros and cons and this does not exclude the water meter.

Let us look at a few of these meter problems that usually occur occurs....

Incorrect Water Meter Reading

This is by far the most popular meter problem. Whether it is you or your local water company that is reading the meter, not all persons are aware of the correct way of reading a water meter.

Knowing the right way to read the water meter can tell you how to locate leaks, conserve your water and monitor your water usage.

Air Valve Problem

Air pressure in the piping system can lead to major water meter issues such as erroneous water metering and damage to the internal components of the water meter.

An air valve prevents air from travelling through the piping system and passing through the water meter.

When public or private water supply is irregular or inconsistent, water channels through from upper levels of the distribution system and gathers in the lower levels. Air replaces the water drained from the upper levels.

As soon as the water supply is restored, water refills the pipeline, moves the air, forcing air through the water meter, rotating the impeller and gears very quickly.

Air flowing through the meter causes damage to its internal components and escalates its readings.

Installation Problems

This may occur when the correct procedure of installing the meter is not followed.

Even though it is not very difficult to install small meters sizes, many persons aren’t aware of the proper way to install a meter.

All water meters are not installed using the same procedures. So following the manufacture’s guidelines, will prevent you from installation difficulties.

Wrong Meter Size

Selecting the incorrect water meter size will lead to water meter problems. For example, if two adults and two children live in a two bedroom house with one bathroom and a kitchen, a 5/8” or ¾’ water meter would be ideal for them.

Any size above that will affect the flow of the water and the accuracy of the water meter. This will result in less revenue for the water supplier and irregular flow rates for the customer.

Specific water meter sizes are better suitable for low flow while others are more suitable for high flow rates.

Always consult your local water company or a knowledgeable person to avoid this meter problem.

Click this link for information on choosing the correct meter size.

Water Leakage

Water meter leakage can also cause a major water meter problem. It can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year.

A leak may occur because of improper installation, a burst pipe or a damaged water meter.

Water leaks are very common and luckily, unlike your electricity, your water meter is a device that can help you locate a leak saving you a lot of money that you could save or even reinvest in your business.

To check for leaks, a meter leak test should be done at regular intervals.

Next, we will look at how to prevent or solve these water meter problems.

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