The Beginner's Guide To Water Meter Ratings

Water Meter Ratings is an extremely reliable way of determining which water meter to buy without actually having to see it in person.

Before making a final choice on your new water meter, you'll want to consider these 4 things:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. What type of model best fits your needs?
  3. What is the meter size range (suitable for existing pipe work and expected flow velocities)?
  4. Is the water meter certified by A.W.W.A. or any other certification body?

The answers to all of these questions will help to clarify what type of water meter you want but you may still feel fairly lost as to which water meter to choose.

Through the use of water meter ratings you will learn which meter will take care of your needs. They work by rating the best water meter manufacturers and models from a wide variety of product reviewers.

The Water Meter Ratings Guide System

We have our own water meter rating system here at which you'll see on all of our reviews.

We rate each water meter model on a five star point system. Five out of five is a perfect score, whereas those models that have three or less OVERALL stars we'd recommend avoiding.

Some of the highest rated models are velocity meters ,Hot water meters and A.M.R. Systems.

Some of the brands that consistently score well are Sensus , Performance, Neptune and Amco . Not surprisingly, Performance has some of the highest rated refrigerator models in both overall value and quality.

The 5 Most Important Ratings Areas

In our water meter rating process, the five areas that we consider the most important are as follows:

  1. Accuracy: The most important feature and function of a water meter is its accuracy. This should be the first feature you look at when buying a water meter. To be on the safe side, always check the accuracy curves of the model water meter.
  2. Durability: You want a water meter that will stand up to every day use as well as the test of time.
  3. Style: It's not as crucial as some of the other factors when shopping for a meter, but you'd like to know that the manufacturer at least took a bit of time in making their product attractive.
  4. Functionality: How functional does your water meter have to be? You want the features that the manufacturers add to actually solve a problem, not create one.
  5. Overall: It's good to know how it all comes together. A Five Star Rating would tell you that the water meter is considering.

Taking all of this into consideration, this site is dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive list of our best rated water meters.

Our ratings come from a combination of our own in house testing as well as a compilation of data that we have gathered from consumer reviews, manufacturer awards, dealers and other sources.

It's this combination that gives you the most accurate assessment of whether or not a particular water meter model is right for you.

Remember, from size, to accuracy, to capacity, to type, to durability, there are numerous aspects that you need to take into consideration before making your final choice.

The Best Rated Water Meter

At, we want to make it easy for you to figure out which water meters are the best rated. So, we've weeded out many of the lower quality, lower scoring models and stuck with the best.

Which water meter to you think should have the highest ratings? Do you have anymore questionsabout rating a water meter?

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