Water Usage Facts

Very Important To Our Everyday Lifestyle

Knowing your water usage facts is very important to both residents and water utility companies. Residents can save hundreds of dollars per year by conserving water, and water companies can save thousands per year by doing the same.

This is because by finding your water usage consumption, you can find ways to conserve water and participate in the latest water management programs.

Water Usage

Let us now take a look at an example of finding our water usage.

Use the following example to help read your meter:

  • Select a day to take an initial water meter reading.

  • Write down the numbers you see on the meter odometer. (ex. 0250000).

  • After a period of time has passed (such as a day or week), read your meter again. (ex. new reading of 0252500).

  • Subtract your first reading from the second reading. This is your water usage for that period. (ex. 0250000—0252500 = 2500).

  • The 2500 figure indicates that 2,500 gallons of water have been used during the time period between the two readings.

Typical Daily Water Usage Facts


  • Toilet flush, 6 to 30 litres per flush
  • Showering, 5.7 to 18.9 litres per minute
  • Bathtub, 115 to 190 litres per full tub
  • Washing machine, 170 to 190 litres per cycle
  • Dishwasher, 40 to 55 litres per cycle
  • Kitchen faucet, 7.6 to 11.3 litres per minute
  • Bathroom faucet, 7.6 to 11.3 litres per minute


  • Car washing approximately 400 litres per car
  • Lawn watering 10 to 35 litres per minute

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