Water Velocity meter
For Low or High Flow Rates

Water velocity meter is one of the two main flow measurements used to measure water usage when using a water meter.

The other flow measurement is by way of positive displacement. Both methods are similar in performance and the decision to choose between a water velocity meter or positive displacement meter is a tough choice for many.

Water Velocity Meter Types

Turbine Water Meter

They are commonly used for commercial and industrial purposes. At low flow rates, they are not as accurate as multi-jet meters.

Ranging from 1 ½” to 20”, these meters are very accurate at high flow rates.

Carbon and Bronze are the most popular material used to make turbine meters.

Multi-jet Water Meter

Also referred to as domestic or residential water meter,these meter sizes range from 5/8" to 2".

They are very accurate at low flow rates but are not popular at meter sizes larger than 2” because there is

no straight-through flow path, which is required at high flow rates.

Multi-jet meters should comply with A.W.W.A. and I.S.O. performance standards.

Ultrasonic Water Meter

This type of meter is commonly used to measure waste water. The meter uses sound wave in the water flow to measure water usage.

They are popular when measuring flow rates in rivers and up stream.

Electromagnetic Meters

Unlike most multi-jet and turbine meters, electromagnetic meters or "mag" meters are able to measure the flow of water in both directions because the meter has no measuring element.

Propeller Meters

Mainly used for industrial facilities, sewage plants, well-pump discharge and pumping stations Process or industrial purposes.

Even though they are unable to accurately measure low flow rates, they are very accurate at continuous high flow rates.

Propeller meters are available in sizes 2” and up.

Portable Digital Velocity Meter

With a handle able to extend over 13 inches, this meter is able to accurately calculate water flow rates in sewers, canals, drains, storm water, effluents and process controls.

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