Water Meter Accuracy
Learn The Importance of The Accuracy of A Water Meter

Water meter accuracy is arguably the most important factor when buying a water meter.

The truth is, water meters are not 100% accurate. After a while, their sensitivity weakens and this leads to inaccuracies when monitoring water usage by consumers.

Water meter accuracy may be defined as how best a water meter correctly or precisely measures water usage.

Inevitably, the accuracy of every water meter will be affected by several factors; therefore, accuracy is very important when deciding which water meter to choose.

Why Is Water Meter Accuracy So Important?

1) To conserve water. Over the years new methods have emerged to help conserve water. Water companies will only be able to participate in these new innovations if their meters are very accurate.

Accurate meters help to conserve water for periods of water shortage and to evenly distribute water among consumers.

  • 2) To assist in pinpointing leaks and pressure problems in the water distribution process. An efficient and effective leak test cannot be done without an accurate water meter.
  • 3) Efficiency and conservation management.
  • 4) To conduct a system audit.Auditing is very important for all types of utility companies, especially a water company, in order to effectively function and save resources.
  • Water meter accuracy is of the utmost importance and the audit process will give incorrect findings without accurate meters.
  • 5) Meter accuracy is also important beacuse it is the best way for all water utility companies to save and earn greater revenues.
  • What Causes Inaccurate Water Meters?

    As time goes by, the accuracy of water meters will diminish.

    Inaccuracies may occur when the meters become old. Studies have shown that water meters lose their accuracy after years of operation.

    Another factor is damaged water meters. Damaged water meters negatively affect the meter’s overall performance.

    For instance, if the register stops working, or your lawn mower accidentally smashed the water meter, then this will prevent the meter from accurately measuring the water usage because the meter would have stopped working and is unable to function properly.

    Incorrect installation is also another major factor. It is always suggested that you follow recommendations of the manufacturer when installing a water meter.

    If you feel that the job is overwhelming to you, then you should hire a professional, but he too must follow the recommendations of the manufacturer at all times.

    Meter accuracy is very difficult to measure because of all the elements needed to correct any inaccuracies.

    How Do You Increase The Accuracy Of Your Water Meters?

    <p>Water meter accuracy is the key to water utility companies in operation because it affects revenue. </p>

    <li><p><b>Selecting the right type of water meter</b> is the first step to increasing accuracy of water meters. For example, even though for the most part they are very similar, there is a difference between a <a href=" velocity">http://www.water-meter-guide.com/velocity-meters-or-displacement-meters.html">velocity water meter and a positive displacement water meter</a>. </p>

    <li><p>After selection, the <b>meters must be tested</b> to ensure that they are working properly. All meters must be tested before installation to find out if the meter is a suitable choice. It is recommended that all water meters are tested to meet the requirements of the customer’s needs</p></li>

    <li><p> Once the meters are tested, they <b>should be installed</b> according to guidelines outlined by the meter manufacturer. Water meter manufactures will tell you that they are not responsible for meters that are not installed based on their steps. For the most part, following their guidelines will save you money, avoid <a href="installation">http://www.water-meter-guide.com/water-meter-problems.html">installation problems</a> and allow you to experience the full capacity of the meters </p></li>

    <li><p>Following proper installation, water meters should be <b>operated and maintained</b> with the manufacture's recommendations or guidelines set out by the AWWA M6 manual. </p>

    <p> The process does not stop at installation. While the first four steps are important, this last step is just as important, maybe even more. Continuous maintenance is vital to the longevity and the correctness of the water meters. Similarly to a motor car which needs servicing two or three times a year, water meters need their servicing but not as often as your car.</p></li>

    <p>All possible water sources must be metered to account for total volume supplied to a water distribution system. </p>

    <p>In addition, meters should be able to accurately record the full range of expected flow rates. </p>

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